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St. Gallen

Zürcherstrasse 27, 9000 St. Gallen

24 Stunden geöffnet


Im Pünt 4, 9320 Frasnacht

24 Stunden geöffnet

Why swissbox+?

Endless flexibility

Whether compact or spacious: Reserve the storage box you need: You can store your things in 1m3 – 50m2 storage rooms. And because flexibility and money are important to you, the cancellation periods are short. Switch to a larger or smaller self-storage box? You name it, we’ve done it.
Secure storage rooms? You bet!

Even if your stuff had a life of its own, like the toys in the Toy Story movie series, it wouldn’t get out of the storage boxes. No one can get in, either. Except you. The storage area is monitored with cameras. Your individual storage space is also protected from public view.
Accessible 24/7

Our storage facilities never sleep. Pick up or drop off your boxes and items at any hour – 365 days a year. Safe and comfortable. Because the storage area is illuminated.
Enter the comfort zone

Carry your treasures from point A to swissbox + easily. You can park in front of the loading ramp. Loading and unloading are carried out under the same roof. You can go up in a service elevator with ease. Forget about carrying heavy bags thanks to the little helpers such as pallet rollers and baskets. Parking facilities are provided free of charge.

Perfect storing environment


Moisture is not an issue in the storage boxes. Unlike some moldy cellars. Fragile goods as pictures, wooden and paper products are in safe hands with us. The storage rooms are dry and heated. Those who like it clean will enjoy our storage rooms.

Attractive locations for you

Strength is everything. And your bed mattress. We strive to open our locations in the heart of the city, close to good road links. Storage areas should be cost-neutral for us so we can offer you the best prices. The first swissbox+ branch in St. Gallen meets all these criteria and we will apply the same standard to the rest of our branches.