Got no room for archives?

A benefit for corporate customers: our storage boxes

Storage of documents and archives in a storage room

The law knows no mercy: it is not enough to store all official data and documents in the cloud. Companies are required to keep certain documents on paper for many years. Your documents will be well-secured in our dry storage boxes preserving the same temperatures in summer and winter. The mold of various kinds won't be happy, but accountants and tax practitioners will be pleased.

Storage space for tools, inventory and machines

You're a person who still lends a hand and doesn't spend the whole day typing on a keyboard with manicured hands. Whether you're a gardener who needs to store your work equipment or a caterer who needs to store the dishes for a wedding with 250 guests, we have room for you and your equipment.

E-commerce warehouse

Ever since this terrible virus struck the world, more and more people have been insanely shopping online. You already run an e-commerce enterprise or maybe you have a great idea for establishing an online store? Be the first! We can help you to solve your storage issue until you can afford your own warehouse. The costs for our storage boxes are moderate.

Seasonal business

You love Christmas. Not so much because you love singing "Oh, you rjoyful", but because the cash registers of your business ring especially loud during the Christmas season. You squeeze your Christmas market stand into the basement or garage? Ouch! Storage and retrieval is more comfortable with us. At almost free prices.