Stow away everything that takes up space at home

More space for you? Book me! Sincerely, your storage box

No more jammed packed apartments

Did you know that the average household contains around 10,000 items, but only 20% of them are used regularly? If people feel like things are weighing down on them, the first thing they're thinking about is throwing them away. But wait! We've heard tons of stories about how customers regretted throwing out books, photo boxes or furniture instead of sending them to the storage unit. Set a season for each corner: e.g. rubber boots for the summer and ski equipment for the winter.

Temporary storage before moving

Need to get out of your old place but can't move into your new home yet? Fed up with the 154th relationship fight and you want to escape and take your furniture with you? Our storage boxes are the perfect solution for temporary storage of your household goods. The stress is kept outside: We make it easy for you to move in and out with tools such as trolleys, a merchandise lift and a covered, spacious and free parking area.

You: Sabbatical. Your furniture: Wellness

What could be more exciting than pulling up stakes to travel for six months or a year? Relaxing and traveling around knowing that when you return home, you won't be left standing buck naked, but your valuable belongings will be safe and sound. If you want to extend your trip, you can also extend the rental period in no time. Wipe the beach sand off your smartphone and send us an email. We will take care of the rest.

Goodbye tiny and damp cellar

Muddy cellars are pure poison for practically everything. At the latest when mold starts to grow in the medieval dungeon your landlord calls a cellar, it's about time to save your favorite things. All our storage boxes are clean, ventilated and well tempered in summer and winter. Even your sensitive goods have it good with us. Or is your basement dry, but too small to do jumping jacks in? Bring your treasures to us.