We have (almost) all the answers.

The following are the most asked questions about our storage boxes. Your question doesn't come up? It's all right. Just contact us and we'll call you back.

How does the whole process work from booking to storage?

Firstly: you book a storage box online or by phone (Mon-Fri. 9.00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.). Secondly: you make an appointment so that we can meet you and make a contract. Thirdly: you get a badge and after that you can start loading items into the box right away.

Is the contents of my box insured for storage in swissbox+?

swissbox+ obligates all customers to insure the stored compartment contents. This way we can guarantee that you are on the safe side with our storage facility even in the worst case scenario. You can obtain the mandatory insurance cover for your storage box either directly from the insurance partner of swissbox+ for 5 CHF per month (up to a maximum value of goods of 9'999 CHF) or by taking out your own household insurance.

What about access to the warehouse during the coronavirus pandemic?

It's still alright. For everyone. The warehouse is still accessible at any time around the clock. To get into the reception area, you are required to have a mask on. Please don't take it off until you're in the storage unit.

What are the General Business Conditions? Do I have to read them?

Be sure to read the terms and conditions, even if they are not your favorite reading.

How long is the notice period?

The Lease Agreement may be terminated within any week upon two weeks notice.

How long is the minimum storage period?

The minimum storage period is two weeks and there is no maximum lease term. The lease term may be launched any moment.

How safe is my storage box at swissbox+?

The storage area meets high safety standards and is under video surveillance. You shall have your individual lock to keep your booked storage box locked. Each storage box has solid, opaque walls.
Should you have any other questions If you have any further questions, just give us a call at +41 71 277 58 33  or fill in the feedback form and we’ll contact you soon. Remember: the more information you provide us, the more precisely we can meet your needs. Thank you very much.