Semester abroad, yes or no? YOLO

Our storage boxes. The smart solution for students

Storage room for the time of internship abroad

Studying without taking a semester abroad is like never having the courage to make a university fling. So go to Harvard, Copenhagen or Singapore to broaden your spiritual horizons. Letting swissbox +will take care of your belongings is a smart choice. If you would like to extend your studies abroad, just send us an e-mail. Done.

Got annoying roomies? Get Away from there now, and hand over your belongings into a temporary storage.

According to a still unrevealed study, every day that you spend in the company of neighbours having a bad mood, tidy to a fault, or living with which is too expensive, costs a month of your life. Come back to your parents in an emergency. And you can keep your things with us before you find new neighbours who will appreciate your individuality and all the follies.

Student life = more space for yourself!

Congratulations on your studies! Admittedly, if you study super hard and still have a student job, you don't have all the time in the world. But you usually have more freedom than a top manager with an 80-hour week. Do you play in two bands, in which you play the drums and the alphorn? Or do you serve as president of a retro reading club and need space for 1,000 books? We have such room.

A study break to become a billionaire

Disclaimer: This is not an invitation to give up your education. But if you have a business idea that the world has been waiting for, take your chance. In case you need a storage room, we are happy to support you on your way to world domination. Small side business is okay. We have right solutions for this as well.