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  • Location St. Gallen

XXXS | Volume 1m3

Enough room for about 7 boxes, 2 suitcases, bedside table, 2 pillows, backpack and a pair of shoes

XXS | Area 1.5-2.5m2

Enough room for about 8 boxes, pair of skis, safe box, scooter, 2 skateboards and a helmet

XS | Area 3-3.5m2

Enough room for about 20 boxes, wardrobe, table, bed, 5 chairs, TV-set and a washing machine

S | Area 4-5m2

Enough room for about 30 boxes, table, 6 chairs, wardrobe, music equipment and a luggage

M | Area 5.5-7m2

Enough room for about 50 boxes, sofa, chair, music equipment, monitor, TV set, table, 6 chairs, bed and office equipment

L | Area 7.5-9m2

Enough room for e.g.65 boxes, sofa, table, sideboard, washer/dryer, children's room items office equipment and basement items

XL | Area 9.5-12.5m2

Enough room for about 80 boxes, sofa, table, chairs, 2 cabinets, bed, fitness equipment, things from 2 children's rooms, office equipment and basement items

XXL | Area 15-18.5m2

Enough room for about 120 boxes, sofa, 4 closets, bed, table, chairs, stuff from 3 children's rooms, office equipment, stuff from the basement and terrace